Why did the USA draft men in 1968 for Vietnam but no longer draft for the Iraq war?


If no draft in 1968 no one would have gone to the Vietnam war, So why do men and women join to fight in the Iraq war? Iraq did not do 9-11.




The soldiers, sailors and airmen in the US Armed Services signed up to defend their country. Once that step was taken, each one is obligated to follow the lawful orders of his or her superiors. The Iraq war was a huge blunder but I’m proud of all of our services and the tough, brave and inspiring members who serve.


The men and women who choose to join and serve and fight in Iraq do it so that the terrorists who did do 9/11 do not get nuclear weapons and attack our country again.


Dude…. we join to fight,kill and if need be, die for our country, no one who doesn’t go out there first hand will ever under stand that, And why the FU*K, would you want a draft…. they pluck innocent men just to die for something they didn’t do voluntarily.


because us soldiers, and the few marines volunteer. so what would be the point in drafting? they could, but then we will have an army filled with guys who dont wanna be there, resulting in a less effective army.

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