How can America Justify funding Israel with warfare, plus, Its war on Iraq/terror?


America is doing the same as what Israel is doing to gaza. With the ideology. “they started it”. This is pretty pathetic. America isn’t over in Iraq fighting a war, Iraq doesnt have an army. Of course you will expect suicide bombings and road side bombs if you take over a country. If Iraq came and took over USA with tanks and warfare, wouldnt you expect some people to snap. Really, Can you tell me. What is America’s mission.




They are retaliating to the 9/11 attacks, and i cant blame them


American ( i live here) is filled with religious nutjobs that is why they support israel. And iraq has a lot of oil. But i doubt if america was invaded americans would blow themselves up and kill our own people …. that is just retarded.


I don’t see Buddhist troops in Iraq and yet the terrorist are beheading and raping them in Thailand Don’t see Hindus troops in Iraq and yet the terrorist are killing them Don’t see Jewish troops in iraq and yet the terrorist are killing them Maybe y’all should think before you post

Iraq does not even have and army now that is funny not any more toots not any more


Israel possesses the USA, any proof otherwise??

david hayter

They r there 4 the oil, v all know it. But what most people dont know is that 9/11 was fake. the 9/11 crime was done by no Al Qaida but by American government itself. Bcos they needed an excuse to impose war on Afghanistan & Iraq. I know its hard 2 digest. But I suggest u watch the documentary called “the loose chain” and u will get the answer. And its director is American by the way.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I sure hope the Israelis sink that Iranian ship with an American made torpedo, that would sure make my day.

Michelle S

America is not fighting a war in Iraq, were helping Iraq secure its nation from the left over terrorist.
The war in IRaq last less than 30 days

With our President, the mission is a date unfortunately. I wish the mission was to be a living hell for Alqueda the Taliban until the end of time or until Death come to all of them. And no we are not doing the same as in Gaza we are operating in borders with permision.

Frankly I wish we just give Isreal a couple of nukes


Re Israel, it is amazing how little Americans have changed in 100 years.

They committed a genocide of the Indians (killing AT LEAST 2 million) – then blamed them for fighting back.

They persecuted the blacks – then lynched many thousands who simply demanded equality.

More recently Reagan branded Mandela and the ANC terrorists.

And now, again, their instinct in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is to blame the victim for fighting back.

One has to the wonder about the psychology of a nation who, when they see a people being oppressed, is not just to turn the other way way but gleefully give them a good kicking themselves.”


America’s mission should be self preservation first and foremost.
(And by the way, Iraq invaded Kuwait, so your logic is flawed)
Israel is an American ally it deserves our full support.
Just like you support your friends with suicide bombings, I support America and her friends by any means necessary.
It’s survival of the fittest, sweetie.


It was declared that this was “A war against terror”. But how can you have a war against something as intangible as terror? You may as well have a war against dandruff. Or a war against anger.

This was the excuse that was given for an invasion that was basically a land grab for oil. Ironically, it appears that the oil is getting it’s own back at the moment by turning the tables and invading America.


Israel is a good ally to America, America also funds Egypt and Jordan that has peace with Israel

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