Has anybody sued the bush administration or anyone for the war in iraq?


Was there any investigation on the truth about the war Iraq?
Was there any new investigation on the truth about the 9/11 attack?
Has everyone forgotten?



John Milton

The Bush Administration doesn’t exist. Who are you going to sue?




for the TEN BILLIONTH TIME…no illegal acts were committed so a suit would be groudless.


For what exactly? The Iraqi war is backed up by nearly two dozen U.N. resolutions, so is someone going to sue the U.N. as well? The intelligence agencies of Russia, China, Germany, France, the U.K. and others all believed Saddam still had WMDs. Are all those countries going to be sued as well?

As for 9/11, no, we haven’t forgotten. That’s why we’re killing terrorists every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. And we know the “truth” about what happened, despite your pathetic conspiracy theories that have all been proven to be pure bunk.

Y Knott

Jay, for your information, there is no link between Iraq and 9/11. And terrorists are not being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan every day, it is more like innocent Iraqis and Afghans for no other reason than they live there.


I don’t know, chris. Perhaps you could sue him and see how far you get.

Maybe someone will sue the current President for his slowness and incompetence concerning the oil spill.


Let me know where to sign up!


doesn’t exist sorry …

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