Is it possible to win a war on a foreign soil without winning hearts of local people? Afghan war? Iraq war?


When will the American governments learn a lesson from the debacle of Vietnam war? Iraq war?
who are to be blamed for making Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan burial grounds?



Mosha #2

We won Iraq, already pulling out, why are you content to be ignorant of facts?

Shovel Ready

The North beat the South in the the American Civil War without winning any hearts and minds.

Answer the Question!

Yes. Just kill everyone that is on the soil that you want.


Shortly after the initial invasion of Europe (think D-Day here) the French by and large were tired of foreign troops continuing to land on their beaches and march through their towns, villages and family farmlands. The hearts and minds had not been won after the excitement brought by the first day or two of the offensive. Yet somehow the Allies managed to win WWII.

Of course you don’t need the hearts and minds to win- what do you think colonization is all about?


Another question might be, when we leave, what keeps them from going back to what they were?

Alex V. =)

Obviously it is Hitler and his armies took over Europe… You will find many examples and answers to your questions in history books.

But nowadays no its not possible. And USA didn’t do anything in Afghanistan Pakistan and Iraq the Taliban’s are now stronger than ever and Al Quaeda still exists.

Now their governments lie to them by saying the “won” somehow just because they don’t want troubles inland.

Liberal Mannequin

No, the AK47 theory is stronger.


Well lets see. The so called debacle of Vietnam was lost due to lack of support from Washington and the American people. Which war in Iraq are you referring to? If it was Desert Storm, we completed our mission, no more and no less. If you are talking about the Iraq war now, then again politics and the American people did not support it. Folks this is the same thing that Obama is doing right now, not supporting.

My question is, when will Obama make our troops his number 1 priority instead of bailouts taking the lead.

Pro Con

Yes, of course. Imperialistic expansion after WWI placed Europeans all over the toppled Ottoman Empire. They were not welcome, but they out-gunned the indigenous peoples and ruled by fear.

Ideologically speaking, America would like to see strong republics in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, which is why hearts and minds are important to us.


We don’t even learn from our own war. Remember when England was an occupying force and we fought for our independence? It never works, never will. We need to get out of these wars and stop trying to be the world police force, it will bankrupt the country.

Unka Dano

No, the problem is that the terrorist are more like gang bangers. As such, the people in the area may not like them but dare not cooperate with the government or the Americans. That’s the problem.


No. Not Possible..
But It Is Possible…
We Can Win Their Hearts, If We Are Fighting For Them.

kathleen O

We went to Afghanistan to get binLaden, we went to Iraq to get oil. Bush took his eyes off Afghanistan to focus on Iraq, so the primary job he had, to get vinLaden, he and Cheney failed miserably at doing. Obama has many messes to clean up, yet the GOP keeps crying that we can’t hold Bush accountable. Funny how they keep bringing up Carter, but we can’t point to the real cause of our current situation.


Today it would be difficult but in the past many armies won wars on foreign soil. Today its different, we have to fight within the rules and that’s the only difference. Take away the rules and ban the media and its a different storey, sure you will have a few militants who think they can make a difference but with no rules they wouldn’t last long. When an occupied country knows that the people in charge don’t mess about most will comply as history a has shown, they may not like it but if its a choice between a bullet in the head or do as your told they wont argue. There is no place for rules in war IMO, whats the point in fighting a war with one hand tied behind your back, if you have to fight within the rules but your enemy doesn’t your gonna lose. Its time we binned the rules, take the gloves off and give our enemy’s a good pasting. The Romans had the right idea, kill everything that moves, problem solved.

Inca Yebail - The 6th profit.

The wars have been manufactured by Lockheed Martin, they are paid for by the tax-payers and the final outcome will be two more populations that hate America and everything that America stands for. The wars may obtain the much needed oil for the US, but the loss in exports will be felt most by the workers in th US. You know, the ones who are paying for the wars!

There is something far more sinister going on here!

Bob Z

There is only one way to win a war. Any war.

Kill the enemy. Kill ALL the enemy.

Remove their DNA from the gene pool permanently.

If you do not completely destroy your enemy, they will return. Do you want another WTC disaster?

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Just ask Rome about Carthage.


I’m sure it is possible, but I imagine if they did that, they would have to use extreme measures and do something very unscrupulous.


As long as Conservatives exist in this country that lesson will never be learned . They are imperialist who are so narrow minded about such issues of green energy. And they are also Heartless when it comes to the victims of war . the very definition of Warmongers .

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