Are there orphanages for kids in countries at war? What if one of the kids was seriously injured?

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I’m writing a story and I want to know if there are good orphanages in countries at war (iraq etc.) If something bad happened at the orphange (fire, bomb, accident w/ the war) could the kids in it be taken to America or a better country? Please help!


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Badnaam Farishta

NO WAY!!!!! I am sure no one will be interested in spending money on those kids !!! i live in Pakistan which is very near to Afghanistan so i am sure what i am saying !!

and when Iraq war happened and usa bombed Iraq there was a kid who lost his all family and his both arms and both legs in that bombing, so that time there were sooooooo many his pictures and news related to him in the media, then a NGO offered him treatment in usa , which he STRONGLY refused !!!!! he said he never ever wanted to visit Satan Land(usa)

and mind you he was offered treatment because there were sooooo many news about him in the media and normally not any other orphanage /injured kid in Iraq or Afghanistan made headline kind of news,which that kid made !! so there is not anyother kid who was offered treatment outside the country !!

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